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Nicki Minaj.

Today we're going to talk about the style of the hip hop princess, Nicki Minaj. She has dressed clothes of a lot of fashion designers and of cousre,urban clothes.

This first dress that we're going to talk about, is the one that she dressed in the last MTV  Movie Awards. Nicki wore a sexy chic look for the awards show in Los Angeles, sporting a black gown from Alexander McQueen. The Young Money diva accessorized her McQueen number, which left little room for undergarments, with gold jewelry, wearing a cage necklace, drop hoop earrings, multiple arm cuffs and bracelets, and bold rings.

Let's talk about Nicki's hairstyle.

Her hairstyles are varied, depending on the occasion and the season, but Nicki minaj is an innovative, and we can see her with different hairstyles.
 In this collage we  can see a lot of different haircolors and hairstyles of Nicki.She changed a lot her style from 2012 to nowadays.

How to look like Nicki Minaj

Here we are in the how to look like part of the blog. 
One of the most important parts of Nicki minaj's makeup is the eyeliners and in general the makeup in eyes.

Here is an inspired Nicki Minaj makeup.
Here is it, another one, inspired in Young Money's video Bedrock.

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